Dowsing and the parameters…

No Trespassing
When we begin to dowse it is easy to get carried away and believe we can dowse anything, anytime we choose.  This is not necessarily so.  It is best to set your intention and to ask permission.  We set parameters/boundaries to set rules in which to operate.   The temptation to trespass where we are not supposed to go can be huge, but then loitering with intent on the off chance the rules may be changed so you can trespass can be just as bad, so the likelihood of you actually crossing the line is greater. 
Ask yourself:
 Can I?  May I?  Should I? dowse this subject.  
What about time – do I mean this second, today, at any time?
 This also infringes on the ‘how to phrase a question’ question.
By defining our parameters, our intuitive minds can offer our logical mind safeguards confirming that we are accessing information we can safely ground and make use of with other conventionally gathered information. 
Consider the following possible chart of parameters:
Protection I am protected on all levels.
Purpose To determine amounts, effects, conditions, circumstances, influences, times, measurements, distances, numbers and other requested areas.
Intention I work with the intention of doing no harm and working towards the highest good.
Influences I work with detachment to avoid misleading thoughts, images or any limiting conditions that may affect accuracy.
Can I Means do I have the ability to successfully dowse in this area and am I ready?
May I Means do I have the appropriate permissions to proceed and be involved?
Should I Considering all aspects, would it be appropriate, proper and suitable to dowse this area?
Time In my perceived time, now unless otherwise stated, now means “at this moment in my perceived time”.
If we are dowsing personally or professionally it is important to dowse only for information that we can safely “ground” for a client or ourselves. For example, if we know nothing about administering medication it would be unwise to attempt to dowse for doses. We must consider what effects such information, without existing knowledge or experience, may have to us personally as dowsers or even on our clients.  Even if we have the ability and permission, if we know nothing or very little about the subject, it will be inappropriate for us to attempt to dowse.  “Consider all aspects” includes our own protection.
Love Jennifer x 
(I am not sure where I got the chart information from if anyone knows, then please let me know so I can acknowledge the author correctly). 

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