Dowsing to clear and infuse energy…

When working with a client this is a nice exercise to do to clear away negative energy and then infuse them with good clear clean energy.
My technique for doing this (adapt this to suit your own way of working) is quite simple.
Working from the base chakra up towards the crown, hold your pendulum over the base chakra.  Then with your pendulum circling clockwise (to the right) allow it to circle at it’s own speed as you slowly move up the body over each chakra.  Once you have reached the crown chakra ask your pendulum to stop moving.  
Arrow right
Next I repeat the above clearing technique, but circle the pendulum anti-clockwise (to the left), to infuse energy into the client.  
Arrow left
I normally use this technique after I have either balanced all the chakras, either with my pendulum or after a Reiki treatment, and occasionally on it’s own. 
Please refer to my earlier blog about dowsing chakras:
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