Living it light…

Mary-El Tarot

3 of Disks and 6 of Wands

Being a responsible adult can be scary at times, especially when the life of another is in your hands. No matter how much support you get from others, it can still be very daunting.

Now is the time to slay your demons, to battle with them, acknowledge them and banish them, for they are yours to destroy. Not all demons are easy to remove from your inner self, some you will have to learn to live with.

Practice living in the light, watch the darkness and how it moves and shimmers within you. With time your practice will become second nature and the responsibilities that once gave you angst will begin to feel right to you.

Life is hard, and we are being constantly reminded of this, it’s how you face it that determines the weight of it upon you.

Love Jennifer x

Mary-El Tarot by Marie White ©2019 used with her permission

About Guinevere Fae

Tarot has been a part of my life for a long time now. It has helped guide me in so many ways, and now I am offering you the opportunity to gain the clarity and guidance a tarot reading can give. A tarot reading is a very personal thing, it can reach into the darkest of places and help bring light and potential into being, and it can help guide you through the rough patches of life and also let you know if you’re on the right path. Tarot can take you on a wonderful journey of discovery. It can open up your world to new ways of being, and you can meet new people and have some adventures along the way. Let us begin...
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