Your cards for w/c 3rd October 2022…

This week it is the nighttime that is your greatest asset. To be out in the darkness of the world is to discover a whole new energy, one reserved only for the few who dare to explore it. During the dark hours you may also find yourself on a journey. One which is yours and … Continue reading

Your cards for w/c 26th Sept’ 2022

This week we need to keep an eye on our financial status. Be aware of our expenditure, our frivolous spending and become money wise. “Never spend your money before you have earned it” – Thomas Jefferson These wise words were spoken 200 years ago and are still relevant today. And very apt for us as … Continue reading

Your cards for w/c 19th September 2022

I have delayed posting this week out of respect for our Queen, Elizabeth II. She had a beautiful funeral yesterday, watched by millions across the world. The cards drawn today reflect her final journey beautifully. The Magician shows how everything can come together to create a beautiful, yet sombre, occasion. The Emperor speaks of our … Continue reading

Your cards for w/c 12/09/2022…

This week we see the power of our emotions trying to drown us, but with correct prevention, we should be able to shield ourselves from the worst of them. These emotions may be caused by an onslaught of past memories flooding our minds, which are still deeply interwoven into events of today. The best way … Continue reading


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