Tarot Meet-ups 2022

Every month (since December 2012) I host a tarot meet-up in Chadderton, Oldham with a group of wonderful like-minded people. These meet-ups are for anyone who wishes to learn about, enjoy and enhance their tarot journey alongside others pursuing their own tarot path. All you need is curiosity, a notebook, and a deck if you have one.

These are informal practice sessions held in a lovely friendly pub.

You are welcome to just turn up, but you can also drop me an e-mail – guineverefae@gmail.com – if you wish to let us know to expect you.

The venue is:

hunt lane

The Hunt Lane Tavern, 754 Middleton Rd, Chadderton, Oldham OL9 0LD (car park to rear)

We meet here the second Tuesday of every month: 7:30 – 9:00 pm

2022 – 11th January, 8th February, 8th March, 12th April, 10th May, 14th June, 12th July, 9th August, 13th September, 11th October, 8th November, and 13th December.

See you there

Jennifer x

8 Responses to Tarot Meet-ups 2022

  1. paul chappell says:

    hi is ok if me and Babs come along to your tarot meeting next Wednesday we know Mick Frankel very well thanks Paul what do we need to bring ?


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