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I really appreciate getting feedback for my readings, it’s lovely knowing how happy you are with your readings from me.  Here are a few thank you messages I’ve received over the years…

Thank you.  Your reading came quickly, much appreciated, and was very insightful.  T

Thank you for your very impressive reading. D

That was a beautiful reading thank you; it gave me clarity and direction. S

I appreciate the time and effort you put into doing this reading for me. K 

…and as always, cards are very accurate at reflecting back at me what I feel inside. A

Thank you very much for taking the time to give and send me my reading, you are bang on with this. H 

Thank you so much, I really appreciate you coming back to me so quickly, that’s very kind of you.  J

Thank you for your time, your generosity and very insightful reading!  N

Thank you very much for doing my reading quickly.  I appreciated the detail in the reading and also your allusion to the pictures the cards to help explain the reading.  P

Thank you very much for consulting the tarot for me. The reading is very interesting.  S

Thank you for your perception of my path ahead.  T

Thank you very much for the reading, which makes a lot of sense. K

Thank you for the reading, it was encouraging and helped to clarify my worries. T

Thank you so much for my reading – it was very insightful and helpful. Now I just need to implement the guidance given.  R


Love Jennifer x